Semenax Volume Enhancer Review: Ingredients, Testimonials and Results

Semenax: a powerful charge for gushing ejaculation

Contrary to the fashionable direction of tantric sex, which preaches a male orgasm without ejaculation, the quality and duration of ejaculation is an indicator of the effective functioning of the entire male reproductive system and one of the main criteria for its performance and health.

1) The problem of weak ejaculation and Semenax as a solution

Low Semen Count Problem

Normally, the amount of sperm should not be less than 5 ml. If sex ends with an orgasm without ejaculation, then this is evidence of deep disturbances and the presence of an inflammatory process in the prostate, which will ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence.

Normally functioning sex glands not only generate seminal fluid but also produce substances that promote sperm survival. Another significant function of these organs is to produce ejaculation. It is the reduction of the prostate, seminal vesicles and tubules that promotes a seminal fluid, which in general in the body causes those unforgettable feelings of climax. Accordingly, the more sperm produced, the more contractions must be made to advance it, the brighter and richer the orgasm, and its longer.

If for any reason a man has noticed a decrease in the amount of ejaculate, do not delay the solution to the problem. Semenax supplement, based on which components that can beneficially affect the functioning of the gonads, quickly copes with unpleasant symptoms of a low sperm count.

It should be noted that ignoring such a problem as weak ejaculation can trigger the mechanism of loss of male health. Therefore, do not waste time in vain.

2) How the formula works and what are its features, ingredients

How Does Semenax Work?

The manufacturer of the drug is a leader in the market of additives, which is actively promoting the modern technology of combining traditional medicine of antiquity and innovative methods of processing plant materials.

When selecting ingredients for the Semenax formula, not only the main problem is taken into account – weak ejaculation. The main task is to approach the solution of the problem from the point of view of the overall restoration of men’s health. Therefore, the biological product has an effect:

  • sperm production processes;
  • to the work of the gonads;
  • on the level of testosterone and nitric oxide;
  • on the nervous regulation of the ejaculation process;
  • on the contractile activity of the genitals.

For such a therapeutic effect, extracts are included in Semenax:

  • But – a tonic and a natural aphrodisiac;
  • Peruvian poppies and cranberries – an antioxidant that prevents oxidative processes that can disrupt the production of seminal fluid;
  • sowing oats – an energetic who tones the whole organism;
  • pumpkin seeds – a source of the trace element selenium, which can significantly increase the quantity and quality of ejaculate;
  • fenugreek – Phyto protein, necessary for the qualitative composition of sperm, sperm survival;
  • Epimedium – necessary to increase testosterone levels in the blood.

In addition, Semenax pills contain the amino acid complex necessary to normalize the nervous regulation of the reproductive system and useful nutrients in the form of zinc and vitamin E.

3) Why does it work and what to expect?

Does Semenax Really Work?

Many men compare the effect of therapy with Semenax to a miracle. This is due to the fact that with an increase in quality and an increase in the amount of sperm, orgasms become much brighter and significantly longer, coloring the sex life in bright colors.

Moreover, unlike the popular Viagra not so long ago, the effect of Semenax is not accompanied by the occurrence of an adverse reaction or negative changes. He is able to turn thoughts about sex into their fantastic embodiment.

The result that occurs from the first week of the start of prima tablets is characterized by:

  • increased sexual desire;
  • the cessation of premature ejaculation;
  • improved ejaculation control;
  • prolonged orgasms;
  • quick recovery of forces;
  • sexual stamina;
  • a significant increase in sperm count;
  • a change in the quality of seminal fluid, an increase in its viscosity.

4) Diet and nutrition to increase sperm count

Changes in diet: diet for sperm quality

The quality of the seminal fluid can also be influenced with the help of a specific food package, which includes:

  • protein foods – white chicken, squid, octopus, mussels, oysters;
  • fruits – apples, bananas, pomegranates;
  • vegetables – tomatoes, avocados;
  • greens – asparagus, garlic, cilantro.

The daily intake of these products contributes to the production of more sperm. Oysters also act as a natural aphrodisiac.

5) Study on the amount of sperm in men

Semenax – proven effectiveness

Medical facts

These extensive research Evidence for decreasing quality of semen during past 50 years show a significant decrease in sperm count in men over the past 50 years. Therefore, the biological product Semenax will remain quite relevant. Since the latest clinical testing of Effect of SemenaxTM Capsules on Semen Characteristics confirmed the effectiveness of Semenax’s effects on sperm production and its increase.

Opinions of experts

Dr. Abhay Kulkarni, a leading specialist at the Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center, participated in Semenax testing and has been using it in clinical practice for more than 5 years: “Semenax is most suitable for my patients. I want to draw attention to the fact that the absence of adverse reactions allows it to be used as part of the complex therapy of spermatogenesis disorders. ”

Dr Devendra Save – head of the Dr. Clinic Mulgaonkars Abhinav Sushrut Hospital, andrologist, sexologist notes: “Semenax is a comprehensive solution to restore men’s health and fertility.”

Dr. Ambadas Kulkarni – the owner of Dr. Ambadas Kulkarnis Clinic, specialist sexologist, one of the developers of Semenax: “The pharmacology innovations implemented in Semenax allow us to effectively correct the condition of patients with impaired fertility and ejaculation processes.”
6) Frequently Asked Questions

5 questions about Semenax pills

Who writes the prescription?

Since the drug does not apply to medicines, a prescription is not needed to purchase it.

How to take the Semenax supplement?

The intake regimen involves 4 tablets daily with meals.

Are there any side effects?

No, natural components and modern methods of purification of plant materials provide the digestibility of the drug and the absence of side effects.

How safe is the supplement?

Semenax does not affect the ability to drive a vehicle or perform accurate operations, nor does its effect have systemic disturbances, so fluctuations in body temperature, intracranial pressure and heart rhythm failure are excluded.

Is it possible to return the pills?

Within 67 days from the date of purchase, the user has the right to issue a refund and receive 100% compensation for the cost of the drug.

7) Purchase on the official website

How to Buy Semenax and get a Discount?

The manufacturer Semenax sells the drug only through its official website. Only by visiting it, the user can purchase the original drug and be sure of its quality. The same applies to the warranty that applies to Semenax’s order.

To make a purchase, click on the top right or bottom of the ORDER NOW page. In the window that opens, several packages of the drug will be offered for selection. Activate the necessary one and proceed in this way to complete the order by filling in the recipient data.

8) Review: Semenax works and improves sex

Semenax Benefits for Men

A biological product is not just a capsule with herbal ingredients. Just 2-3 days of taking the drug will bring sexual activity to a new level. Semenax is capable of:

  • radically change orgasmic sensations;
  • increase the number of contractions of the prostate, which is why the climax lasts much longer;
  • change the consistency of seminal fluid, requiring the active action of smooth muscles to perform ejaculation;
  • affect spermatogenesis in the direction of increased ejaculate.

Such changes in the work of the reproductive system will allow a man to feel his sexual capabilities in full force and ensure the long-term preservation of healthy sexual activity.

I personally tried Semenax and I must say, that I was amazed by the results received. I have described the most important facts about the supplement in this review. But you have to improve your health to improve semen count.

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