Real Penis Pump Reviews and Results(Before/After). Erection vs. Penis Size

In this article, I want to talk about the most interesting – the specific results from using penis pumps. I can do this because I have been interested in this topic for a very long time both as a medical journalist and as a user.

I knew exactly what a weak erection was, how much it influenced the quality of my personal life. I know what a small penis is and how awful it was to realize that it was and that you couldn’t satisfy a woman.

I’m definitely tired of these potency problems and my small penis. I knew for sure that this can be solved and there are many natural ways.

Why Choose a Penis Pumping Method?

I have compiled for myself a list of effective methods for enhancing erection and penis enlargement:

  1. Tablets VigRx Plus , Male Extra , ExtenZe – they are able to increase erection when taken continuously for a long time. They are also effective in accelerating penis enlargement results when using a penis stretcher or a dedicated hydro pump.
  2. Creams and gels – Prosolution Gel , VigRx Oil , PM Male Extra gel – it is a strong and natural products that are instantly absorbed through the skin of the penis and cause an erection strong and natural. It can last up to 2 hours and is serious for many men. Despite the temporary effect, it is much safer than taking Viagra, Cialis or Levetra
  3. Penis enlargement extenders – do an excellent job of stretching the penis. True, it can be painful, unpleasant, uncomfortable, and many more uncomfortable moments. It can be dangerous if even the most advanced medical device is misused. Much depends on your work as a user. There is one difficulty with extenders – you have to control everything yourself – the tension level, the length of the rods, make sure that all settings are correct so that, God forbid, they get lost
  4. Penis pumps. It is about them that this article will be, I will say even more – exactly about the results that they give. After all, it is the result that clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of this or that method of increasing the penis and improving erection. So, I decided to focus on the penis pumps and all because it seems I have found the best device among the pumps. Generally speaking, this is the best device among all known devices, even if compared with extenders. In general, now you will find out everything

I will say right away, I was just lucky that I learned about the real correct pumps for penis enlargement and erection enhancement.

Before that, I just heard that in any sex shop you can buy the simplest and cheapest penis pump. I always thought – how is that? A pump for $ 30 ?

This is not a dildo, not a strap-on, this device creates a vacuum with the participation of my penis. Is this some kind of simple procedure and it is not fraught with consequences?

If you asked yourself such a question, then this article is definitely for you. Why? Because here you will find out what the Bathmate hydro penis pump is and its 3 series Hydromax, HydroXtreme and Hydro 7 .

This pump revolutionized the market by introducing a simple, safe, automatic pump system that everyone likes and gives the best results. Not only enhances erection but enlarges the penis.

How does a penis pump work?

So now you know that the common pumps that are sold everywhere are air vacuum pumps. Their principle of operation is to create an artificial erection due to the vacuum in the pump tube. Negative pressure directly affects blood vessels, filling them with blood, and causing strong erections.

All is good – but the creation of such an erection is a very harmful process. The vacuum itself can cause an avascular rupture, hematomas, and micro-cracks that can even bleed.

And all because the vacuum is usually regulated independently with the help of a pear, and even if automatically, you need to know when to stop.

These are all complex settings that advanced users need. And pumps, as a rule, are initially tried for the first time – and this is immediately dangerous, especially if you do not read the instructions or abuse the created pressure.

The vacuum can be a big mistake. And these mistakes can have very bad consequences. This is why penis air pumps, which can have so many side effects, are mostly not recommended for frequent or constant use.

It is surprising that hydro pumping technology has appeared on the market. It was DX Products that created Bathmate.

This is a unique pump that uses water to create a vacuum. And for working with water and vacuum, a special valve was invented, which regulates the load and is able to effectively and evenly distribute pressure inside the tube so that the penis can grow in length and width.

The point is that water soothes the effect of a vacuum on the penis. It helps to heal the emerging micro-tears of tissue, which are healed by new cells to create additional tissue.

You understood everything correctly – such scar tissue is of high quality and natural, it is she who creates the effect of enlarging the penis. In simple terms, the pressure in the water during the Bathmate technology contributes to the growth of your penis in length and width.

Each of us says to ourselves – great, cool technology, but how can you prove it? Where is the result?

You are looking for evidence of pumps to see how true this is. Does it really work, who can show their results. Indeed, in fact, it can be seen with the naked eye, and even from the photo, you can understand how much the penis has grown.

My own experience of using a penis pump

In this article, I want to share my experience with the Bathmate pump, or more precisely, the HydroXtreme 7 pump , which is the most powerful and, at the same time, can be used by a beginner.

A little about the series of pumps and their capabilities:

The Hydro 7 pump is the very first Bathmate pump to use a valve and effectively apply technology to enhance erections and enlarge the penis.

The Hydromax is the newest device that has been redesigned and its efficiency is 35% more efficient than the previous Bathmate pump series. It is believed that now the valve works more efficiently, the pressure becomes stronger and better distributed in the water tube.

You can always quickly build up pressure and release it. You create a vacuum by moving your hands to the pubis, holding the pump in your hand. Several of these movements create a strong vacuum that is effective and comfortable at the same time.

The HydroXtreme pump is the most powerful and versatile Bathmate pump. Not only can it be used even without water, and it will still be effective, it also comes with a hand bulb, with which you can increase the vacuum, adjusting it by simply pumping the bulb.

In essence, this pump combines Hydromax and hand pump technology, complementing it. The result is a pump capable of enlarging the penis up to 3 inches in length.

What does the penis growth result depend on?

So, pumping with a pump works when you feel the pressure, it is constant and increases with time of use. The results only grow when you are comfortable using the device. Various injuries to the penis make it impossible to use any device.

The same goes for your condition – if you are in pain, it won’t work. No pain! This is what makes Bathmate different.

How to use a hydro pump?

I wrote a separate article about this and even shot a video that is published on Youtube at this link. But in a nutshell, I will say:

  • I use it in the shower or bath 15 minutes a day
  • You need to warm up your body a little in the shower or bath before using
  • It is important to follow the instructions for creating and operating a vacuum (release pressure)
  • The pump is used for 3 sets for 2-4 minutes each. Those. created a vacuum, then release it and massage the penis
  • If you buy a HydroXtreme pump, it can already be used with a pear after 2-3 months to achieve results

Why is HydroXtreme more effective than Hydromax? It is not only more expensive, it has incredible opportunities.

Those men who use Hydromax cannot expect significant penis enlargement. This is because this pump has a limit to the workforce it generates. Those. at some point, your penis stops growing, as it gets used to a certain pressure that the HydroMax is capable of.

This is when the time comes for hand pumping and using the pear. So that you do not have to buy a pear separately later, it is better to buy HydroXtreme right away – this is both cheaper and more far-sighted.

Now about the result itself

I decided to share my results and also publish the results of other men. I copied their photos before and after from the forums when I was interested in the results of other users myself. Now I also have mine, which I publish in detail in this article.

To understand and measure progress, I publish my results by month.

What is the result of HydroXtreme’s work?

  • This is primarily an increase in erection for a long period of time.
  • It is an increase in sexual desire
  • Improving the quality of sex due to stable and strong erection
  • Arousal that is faster than before
  • Penis enlargement up to 3 inches long and 1 inch wide

Tips from a seasoned user

So, before posting the results and my progress, I will say right away that I additionally bought penis enlargement pills and learned how to use Jelqing techniques to stretch the penis. All this helped me to achieve better quality results in less time than just using the pump.

1 month of my routine

I got the first result right after using the pump. My erection was incredible – strong, long, throbbing.

During the first week, I adhered to the mode of the minimum use of the pump in terms of time and vacuum strength. Then I could already use it to its fullest, but without the pear.

Automatic pumping only. I began to put on the pump faster, create a vacuum, deflate it, and felt comfortable both in the shower, where I used the Shower strap to not hold the pump, and in the bathroom, where I just lay there and made movements for pumping.

I want to say that efficiency is the same in the bathroom as in the shower. But I took a shower more often.

It is important – you need to do pumping constantly, every day.

2nd month of penis pumping

I have added Jelqing exercises and have already started taking VigRx Plus natural erection pills . I already felt a good flow of blood to the penis, more profuse than before, as the erection became as strong as possible.

3rd-month of the penis enlargement workouts

I measured the penis for the first time and saw that it grew by half an inch during erection. I continued my whole routine and was inspired by the first results on penis enlargement.

4th-month of penis pump usage

To be honest, if you don’t see the result, it’s hard to continue. This month turned out to be stagnant for me – I generally cannot say that I saw at least some results. I read such periods on the forums and everyone said that this is normal and should be continued.

5th and 6th month of my strategy

Equally productive. I already connected the bulb to the pump and learned how to create a vacuum with my hands. I didn’t think it would be that easy.

If you are not a beginner, then you feel the pressure well and understand what a comfortable pump is, and what pain and discomfort are. I added 1 inch and my penis was already 1.5 inches longer

7-8th month

This is the maximum effect of the routine. I grew another 1 inch and my penis overall became 3 inches longer, which is already significant. When I measured the coverage, it was 1 inch longer than before.

The whole routine took me about 30 minutes a day, of which 15 minutes was pumping and 15 minutes – exercises for the penis.

I took the pills regularly and they brought the general tone to my result. I’m happy with us, but I don’t stop using it.

Topical vs. Permanent results

The thing is that the pump does not give a permanent result; it must be used periodically at least a couple of times a week to keep the penis as long and strong. You become addicted to it in a certain way, but it is not the same as smoking or alcohol.

You can stop pumping, but your penis is already used to being energized by the pressure generated. And now it will be your normal state – an ideal sex life with strong erections and a long penis. It is worth your effort and investment.

Speaking of investments, how much did I spend on penis enlargement?

  1. Buying a pump is $ 349
  2. Purchase 6 months VigRx Plus subscription – $ 329
  3. Penis Techniques & Gel – Free from Bathmate

So, $ 648 for a strong erection and penis enlargement with no side effects.

I post before and after reviews of other men and my own. I hope this article was convincing and helpful in terms of choosing the right pump and the right strategy.

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