Penis Extender Results I Have Documented(Before/After). My Penis Growth

Results from using a penis extender may vary and depend on the following factors:

  1. Device and its type
  2. Personalization – how much you have customized the extender to meet your needs
  3. How it works – what it is used for (enlargement of the penis, improvement of erection, straightening of the penis)
  4. Quality of use (according to the instructions or according to our own program)
  5. Your genetic characteristics (the genetics of each man dictates his physiological capabilities for stretching the penis)
  6. Duration of device use
  7. From the load that is used
  8. From the frequency and regularity of use

I agree that all this can be difficult to figure out. You just need a simple answer, whether the extender works or not. Then I will answer you simply – yes if you did everything right. And no – if you choose the wrong way to use the extender.

What is the difficulty of using an extender to get the result?

All 8 of the above factors directly affect the receipt of the coveted results. And they will definitely be, if you have chosen the correct extender, use it according to the instructions and apply it daily. In addition, all of your settings must be correct.

I mean – the load, its duration and the correctness of all settings for the period of wearing the device.

What results can I achieve using the penis stretcher?

So, looking ahead, we will answer the most important question for you – what can I get in return for my efforts and money spent on buying a device.

Let me talk about my experience so that you can focus on it. And the best thing is to read the reviews of hundreds of other men, like me, who bought an extender and used it for a long time to get the coveted result:

  • Penis enlargement up to 3.5 inches long, up to 1.5 inches wide
  • Straightening the penis
  • Strengthening erection and duration of intercourse
  • Improving the quality of sex, excitability, desire
  • Strengthening orgasm and sensations obtained during sex

So, among all the above results, penis enlargement or straightening is the key for many men.

Agree, you can strengthen your erection in other ways, and 100% natural, for example:

– use an erection enhancement cream such as Male Extra Gel , Prosolution Gel

– use pills to fight erectile dysfunction such as VigRx Plus , ExtenZe or Male Extra

– a penis pump like Hydromax can be used

But if you have already conceived of doing an increase or straightening of the penis, then in this case your routine will also have a positive effect on improving your potency in general.

But I want to tell you that using the extender and working to enlarge the penis will be much more effective if you also apply the techniques for stretching the penis called Jelqing . They are quite simple, but their application makes stretching the penis and working with the extender more efficient due to the different types of application of loads.

To tell you more, the extender on its own can be ineffective if you also do not apply the pumping technique with the Bathmate water pump on a daily basis . The pressure applied during its operation has a positive effect on the final result.

Progress in penis enlargement and the speed of results are also important here. If you want to speed up the process, it is important to choose the right extender and additional methods of penis enlargement and erection such as pumping and taking dietary supplements.

But back to the extenders and possible results

When talking about an extender, it is important to understand what type of device you are talking about. After all, there are vacuum and rod devices.

They differ in the principle of work, while the creation of traction that ensures the growth of penile tissue remains unchanged. Basically, you choose the type of penis stretch. And his choice can be critical.

So, if we talk about the results of using vacuum extenders such as Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO , then they can be as follows:

  1. Penis enlargement up to 3.5 inches in the case of using both a vacuum device for holding the penis plus a strap, and connecting the aluminum bar system and setting tension with screws. Only these devices make it possible to maximize the result, while the risk of damaging the penis is practically absent if the recommendations in the instructions are followed. The whole point is that Penimaster offers in its Penimaster PRO Complete Set different ways of using the device – with a belt and rods. Phallosan Forte also offers a mixed type of application – with belt and vacuum chamber and with vacuum chamber plus boom system. All this gives very powerful traction and a differentiated approach that works for maximum results. In general, I would recommend these particular devices Pros: maximum comfort, maximum result, no side effects Cons: high cost, duration of use, the complexity of use
  2. Increasing the penis to 2.5 inches using L th rod extenders and glans fastening device on the basis of using a loop or strap. This is a classic extender format that holds the head of the penis fairly roughly in the device and stretches it using a bar system and tension screws. You need to properly configure both. The use of such devices is often associated with discomfort, pain and the inability to hold the device for a long time. It is also difficult to get used to, since increased traction leads to pain. It is believed that such extenders give quick results, but it cannot boast of comfort and ease of use. The best extenders in this category are Quick Extender Pro , SizeGenetics , Male Edge , Penimaster Chrome Pros: Rapid penis enlargement, easy use, many accessories for comfort. Cons: side effects, frequent pain, uncomfortable use.

How to choose the best penis extender?

So, there are 2 types of extenders on the market, and one of them is a mixed type and is a symbiosis of both a vacuum and a rod extender. And this is ideal as you can achieve maximum comfort while still relying on the powerful traction you need to get results.

Phallosan Forte Plus is my choice . This is the best extender that can work quickly due to the new technology providing traction up to 4800 grams.

As a journalist, I tried to use almost all known extenders. They are all collected on my shelf and I work with each of them telling readers and my viewers on Youtube about their features.

You can say that I know absolutely everything about them as a user:

  • How to dress each one
  • How to use
  • How to set up
  • What are the pros and cons of each of them?
  • Which application program is best to use
  • What you need to do to improve your results
  • How to achieve maximum comfort in use
  • How to avoid side effects

I can talk for a long time about each of the extenders, there are only 9 of them and you will surely choose some of them for yourself. But I talked about this in a separate article here.

And as for the main task – to get the best results without risks, without side effects, without difficulties, without being distracted by the work of the device, here I will definitely opt for Phallosan Forte Plus .

Why choose Phallosan Forte?

It has everything in the kit – both a strap for stretching the penis and a barbell and tension screw construction for maximum traction. You can mix these accessories to make your penis enlargement program as varied as possible. Penis traction has been proven to work best when you use different devices or different techniques.


From myself, I will say that in addition to Phallosan Forte Plus, I also bought a Bathmate HydroXtreme 7 penis pump and used Jelqing techniques to get the result. I have achieved 3 “long and 1” wide penis enlargement in 7 months of using my program.

You can repeat my result, although it will take 30 minutes a day of your time with constant progress. This is ensured by the Phallosan Forte and Bathmate technology. I have always seen the result motivated by him.

Am I using the extender and pump now? Yes, absolutely. But I do it several times a week and regularly take erection pills to maintain my erectile abilities, which became a nice bonus to my penis enlargement program.

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