HydroXtreme 7 Review: My 5 User Tips that Lead to Penis Enlargement

In search of the best penis pump, I went through many options, began to study them, then dropped something, emphasized something, and ended up saying that almost all the pumps from sex shops just did not fit me.

What did I want from the penis pump?

I was interested in an increase in the penis, as well as an increase in erection, its duration. I read that a pump can solve several problems at once, but not the usual one for $ 30 in one of the adult toy stores.

I’m talking about a pump that did the impossible for me – enlarged my penis, made my erection strong and so long. And most importantly, after orgasm, I dreamed of quickly recovering and continuing sex, in order to finish again and continue sex at least all night.

My choice was made – the HydroXtreme 7 pump. No, do not worry, in this review I will not retell the content of the official website or talk about any properties of this device so that you fall asleep and leave this article without getting a real idea of ​​this incredible product.

I will share with you my experience with the HydroXtreme I purchased. I took a photo of the instruction on how I use it, a video, and even photographed my own results. Everything so that you can repeat my experience. After all, I was worried, studied, many facts did not fit into a single idea of ​​the pump.

In this HydroXtreme review, I’ll cover:

  1. How used it
  2. What was clear or incomprehensible to me
  3. How I felt like a beginner
  4. Have I had any side effects
  5. What is the best pumping program to use for quick results?
  6. I will give advice as a user on how to avoid problems and enhance the effect
  7. I will show you how to quickly and safely start using the pump so that you get the best results.

So, I can write a long story about how I realized that HydroXtreme is the best pump on the market. But I will shorten my story to give you all the information in the abstract:

Thesis #1

You can really enlarge your penis, but only with a hydro pump like the HydroXtreme. There is also Penomet, and I bought it too, but it seemed to be less effective

Thesis #2

Conventional vacuum air pumps cannot be effective for penis enlargement. The only pump on the market, Androvacuum Platinum has been recommended by the FDA, but its use is only associated with improved erection

Thesis #3

The HydroXtreme pump was developed by the British company DX Products, its technology is patented and unique, the pump itself is the strongest among other pumps from Hydromax and Hydro, since, in addition to the automatic pumping function, there is a manual pumping function using a pear. It is she who gives the maximum pressure necessary for the powerful growth of the penis.

Thesis #4

This pump can initially be used without a bulb as long as you are a beginner. But when you’re ready, you have unlimited power. Over time, I got used to the pressure and therefore needed to increase it in order for the process of creating new tissue for the penis to continue.

Thesis number 5. Using the pump is very simple, the instructions are simple and I always get a powerful erection after using HydroXtreme.

How I used the HydroXtreme penis pump

So, to use the pump without a pear, it is enough to attach the corrugation to the pump tube. Next, you have to decide where to use it – in the shower or bath.

Basically – in the bathroom, you just lie and hold the pump, and in the shower – you need to stand and hold it. But there is an alternative – use a shower strap.

This is a comfortable strap that can be worn around your neck and then attached to the pump. It makes it possible not to hold the pump with your hands, but to do your usual things in the shower – brush your teeth, watch your phone, etc.

I originally used the pump for about 15 minutes a day. 3 sessions each with a 2-3 minute break. To create a vacuum:

  1. Just fill the pump tube with warm water, after closing the valve on top
  2. Then stick in the penis, pulling off the fraud so that the corrugation fits snugly to the pubis
  3. Make several strokes of the pump towards the pubis to create a vacuum immediately
  4. Turn the valve clockwise to lock it
  5. Do several pumping movements periodically if the pressure decreases
  6. After 2-3 minutes, turn the valve and switch the pump to the ” Open ” mode , the vacuum will immediately drop and you will be able to get the penis
  7. Next, you need to smear it well to drive out the blood.
  8. Repeat 2 more pumping sessions in the same way
  9. Subsequently, I connected the bulb with a tube and then worked with the pressure in the pump using a hand bulb

What was clear to me and what was not clear

Which is understandable:

  1. I figured out how to fill the pump with water, though I had to fill it to the brim
  2. It is immediately clear that the valve is open if water flows from the other side of the pump, i.e. if you type it, be sure to close
  3. It was clear to me that the pump could work without a pear, i.e. as usual Hydromax
  4. I understood how to create a vacuum and control it

What was incomprehensible to me

  1. I did not understand why to turn the valve at the top of the pump and what it is for
  2. It took me a while to understand if the vacuum was comfortable for me and if I could tolerate it. I know that the stronger the pressure, the greater the effect, but any painful sensations are fraught with consequences, hematomas, bursting capillaries on the penis
  3. It took me a while to figure out how to release the vacuum. Since the valve was turned, it was not possible to simply switch the pump to “ Open ” to release the vacuum. Since he did not disappear without turning the valve

How did I feel like a beginner?

First of all, for me, building up the pressure in the pump along with my penis was a definite shock. Those. I have never experienced anything like this and did not understand what I need to prepare for.

On the one hand, I felt the pressure, its strength, on the other, I did not understand what to do with it and how to control it. Strengthen or weaken.

The sensations were initially chaotic and this is normal. Only 6-7 times of use did I learn to better understand the vacuum and its strength. Try to use the pump initially for 6-7 minutes.

About my side effects

So, for the first week of using the pump, I wanted to try the most comfortable vacuum possible. Because of this, I had some pain after pumping, so I even had to take a 1 daybreak. That’s okay, and that’s because I immediately wanted results. But later, I controlled the pumping better and did not notice any side effects at all.

What is the best pumping program to use?

So, in fact, there is only one effective program that Bathmate recommends – using a pump in the shower or bath, and massaging the penis using Jelqing techniques. By the way, they also help to stretch the penis.

If you want to make your penis enlargement program really powerful, I recommend using an extender like Quick Extender Pro as well. This should be done every other day, several hours a day. Experts also recommend taking pills such as VigRx Plus every day, morning and evening. They help to increase erection and enlarge the penis.

This approach will be complex, it includes different loads and the intake of natural extracts, which have a beneficial effect on the growth of erection.

My Tips for Using the Bathmate HydroXtreme Pump

1st tip
First of all, you should make sure to choose the right pump size for your penis size. There are 5, 7, 9, 11 “versions and even a version for those men with a 6.5 ” wide penis .

The right size will ensure the effect.

Tip 2
Try to use the pump for 1 day in the shower, 1 day in the bathroom to vary the load and type of use of the pump. This helps to achieve results faster.

3rd tip

Learning Jelqing techniques should not be neglected. It’s not just about massaging the penis between pumping sessions, penis stretching exercises are very effective on the result.

4th user tip

Always focus on your feelings during pumping in order to understand what kind of vacuum to create. Remember – use the gentle regimen for the first 2-3 weeks when you feel comfortable and no pain.

5th tip for using the pump

Buy special Bathmate accessories from the manufacturer’s website to simplify the pumping process and make it even more comfortable and effective.

My penis enlargement results(Before/After)

So, I’m happy with the all-round effect and growth of my penis 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. In addition, I strengthened my erection, it now arose faster than usual, was longer, stronger and I could quickly recover from ejaculation.

  • The first results are an increase in erection
  • After 2 months – the first results on the growth of the penis
  • After 3 months – growth was about 1.5 inches in length
  • Months 4-5 are the most productive. The penis grows another 1 “long and 0.5” wide
  • 6-7 months – progress was still recorded at 0.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide

I would recommend using this pump to anyone who intends to go all the way. Every man has his own penis growth limit. But if you don’t know him, then you are losing your own inches.

I know I got the best results. But I also used the extender for 4 months, which added an effect. In any case, I have always been able to get the right pressure force and maximum comfort from the HydroXtreme, so I’m glad I chose this pump.

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