Best Penis Pumps Ever Seen: Huge Results, Safety and Technology

On the international market, you can find a large number of devices, the main function of which is to stimulate the growth of the penis.

One of the most effective methods for penis enlargement is the use of pumps, which are divided into two categories – vacuum and water penis pumps. The differences between the two types of pumps are in the principle of their operation, as well as the conditions of use.

Hydro penis pumps are used in water, they are safer in comparison with vacuum devices. Due to the fluid inside the pump, the level of friction is significantly reduced, which helps prevent various kinds of mechanical damage – scratches, bruises, sprains, etc.

The operation of vacuum pumps is carried out outside the water environment. Due to the vacuum effect, inside the working chamber, blood circulation is stimulated in the penis. And this, in turn, helps to stretch the cave tissues and blood vessels of the penis, which subsequently positively affects the size of the penis, as well as a strong and prolonged erection.

How to use the best penis pump?

Before you start using the water penis pump, you should perform the following preparations, namely, take a warm shower or a relaxing bath. Thanks to warm water, the skin and cellular tissue of the penis will relax as much as possible, which will allow the most effective penis pumping procedure.

After that, it is necessary to collect warm water inside the working chamber and insert the penis inside. 1 cycle of pumping lasts no more than 1.5 minutes, after which the upper valve of the pump should be opened and the remaining fluid should be released from it. This is followed by a 60-second rest, after which the man will need to perform from 2 to 5 of the same cycles.

In terms of simplicity and ease of use, vacuum pumps are more practical. This is due to the fact that before using them there is no need to carry out special training. It is enough just to insert the penis inside the working chamber and perform a set of actions that are similar to the complex for a water pump. The only difference is the lack of fluid inside the working flask.

The course of using water and vacuum penis pump depends on the physiological characteristics of the man’s body, the correctness, and the regularity of use. As a rule, to get a full-fledged result, it is enough to undergo a 6-month course of treatment.

How to choose the penis pump?

Before buying a particular penis pump(Hydromax, Hydro7, Penomet, Androvacuum Platinum) model to stimulate penis growth, a man should study in detail the characteristics of all potential acquisition models. After that, it is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of all parameters of the devices, which will allow you to choose the most efficient, safe, and practical pump.

When choosing the best penis pump, pay due attention to user reviews and the recommendations of doctors. It is worth choosing only those pumps whose operation and safety have been tested during clinical and laboratory studies. The fact of conducting research is evidenced by quality certificates.

In order to be sure of the high quality of the pump, as well as the compliance of the declared characteristics with real parameters, you should buy the device only on the official website of the manufacturer. Only a manufacturer can guarantee the safety, reliability, and efficiency of its development.

Before choosing a penis pump, you must know exactly what problems the pump can solve. There are 2 types of pumps – air pumps, in which a vacuum is created using negative pressure in the air, and hydro pumps, in which a vacuum is created in the presence of water.

These are fundamentally different technologies. A good quality air pump can help create an erection that will fade after a while. Air pumps are mainly used to combat erectile dysfunction if we are talking about professional pumps such as Androvacuum Platinum . This is the only penis pump that is FDA approved .

Its main function is to normalize erectile ability. Not only can you strengthen your erection for a short time and use a penis ring to hold it in place. With the constant use of the pump, you can achieve an improvement in erection.

At the same time, hydro pumps – Bathmate or Penomet is able to comprehensively influence the growth of erection and stretch the tissues of the penis, which leads to an increase in the penis. This is only possible thanks to a unique technology patented by DX Products , a manufacturer of Bathmate pumps .

At the same time, Penomet , the only competitor to Bathmate , has proposed its own technology, which is based on removable nozzles that can transfer a certain pressure force to the pump.

To date Bathmate produces 3 series pumps – Hydromax , HydroXtreme and Hydro 7 . They differ in their technical characteristics and the results that you can achieve.

It is worth saying that Penomet is a versatile pump that is suitable for men with any penis size.

How do you choose the best pump for yourself?

So, hydraulic pumps are much more efficient than any air device. Because with the hydro penis pump you:

  • You can strengthen your erection
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Improve sexual stamina, your erection will stay powerful and strong for longer during sex
  • You can have more pleasure from sex and orgasm with extra blood congestion and increased sensitivity
  • Extend your penis 1-3 inches in length and 0.5-1 inches in width

Compare top rated penis pumps

We bring to your attention several varieties of vacuum and water penis enlargement pumps that have already earned the trust of millions of users around the world:

  • Hydromax is a collection of high-performance water pumps, which, in comparison with other devices of the manufacturer, provide 35% more strength and power. A feature of these pumps is that the user needs to select a device according to the size of his penis. The correctly selected size provides maximum efficiency of use;
  • HydroXtreme is a new generation progressive hydro pump for the penis enhancement, which differs from all analogs by the presence of an additional pumping element, namely a pear. Thanks to the manual pear, the user is able to create negative pressure inside the working chamber. And this, in turn, allows you to maximize the efficiency and power of the pump. Thanks to a special pear, you can control the force of pressure, which will prevent the appearance of undesirable consequences;
  • Hydro7 is a water pump that provides the most gentle action so that the risk of mechanical damage to the penis is completely eliminated. This model was released one of the very first, so we can safely say about its high efficiency and safety;
  • Penomet is not expensive, but the effective hydraulic penis pump, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of a package of removable leg warmers. Replacing one pumping warmer with another, the user can independently adjust the power of the device;
  • AndroVacuum Premium – an automatic vacuum pump, the operation of which is started by pressing just one button;
  • Fleshlight pump is another effective vacuum pump that promotes quick and painless stimulation of penis growth.

Additional use of the jelqing technique

In order to speed up the action of the pump, as well as increase efficiency, it is necessary to perform a set of special exercises called jelqing in parallel with pumping. The principle of jelqing is quite simple and similar to ordinary manual masturbation, except that a man needs not to bring himself to ejaculation.

If you want to increase the parameters of your penis, then buying water or a vacuum pump will help to achieve the desired result.

The features of the penis pump: HydroMax

If you want to increase the size of your penis, then we strongly recommend using only proven pumps, the quality of which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

One of the most powerful and efficient models of hydraulic pumps is Hydromax. Due to the introduction of new action technologies, as well as the use of powerful rubber leggings, the device’s work efficiency is increased by about 35%.

Consider the main types of pumps of the Hydromax line, which differ in size:

  • Hydromax7 – ideal for men with a penis size of 5 to 7 inches;
  • Hydromax3 – the best model for men with the smallest penis size, no more than 3 inches;
  • Hydromax5 – ideal for those men whose penis size is between 3 – 5 inches;
  • Hydromax9 is a pump for users with an impressive penis size reaching 9 inches or more.

Quality and Materials

The high quality of Hydromax pumps is evidenced by the quality certificates that were obtained by the manufacturer during laboratory testing of the product.

All components of the Hydromax water pump are made of high-quality medical materials that do not cause any kind of negative reactions, including allergies. The pump housing is made of durable plastic, the main characteristic of which is the ability to adapt to the size of the penis. The pumping gaiter is a high-quality rubber, which contains a small percentage of latex.

The manufacturer of the Hydromax pump guarantees its customers a positive result. In the event that the expected effect has not occurred, the manufacturer promises to return the funds spent on the purchase of the hydraulic pump.

Penis pumping results

The process of using a Hydromax water pump is quite simple. First, the user needs to take a relaxing warm bath or shower, and then draw a little liquid inside the working flask. Note that the pumping procedure should be performed by a man only in the absence of an erection.

Inside the working flask, in which there is already water, you should place the penis and begin to perform pumping movements within 1.5 – 2 minutes. After completing one approach, loosen the valve located at the end of the unit, thereby releasing any remaining water from the chamber.

Relax for 1 to 2 minutes and begin pumping again. For beginners, it will be enough to perform 2 – 4 approaches, while experienced users are recommended to do from 5 to 8 cycles at a time.

Obtaining the first visible results from the pumping procedure occurs after 14 – 30 days. At the same time, you can get the maximum effect from using a water pump only after passing the full course of pumping, the duration of which is at least 6 months.

Frequently asked Questions

In the process of choosing and buying the best water penis pump, men have certain questions, the answers to which can be found right now.

How effective is the use of penis pumps?

The effectiveness of the Hydromax water device has been repeatedly tested in clinical trials. The result of such experiments is an increase in the size of the penis by 15% – 35%.

Safety of use?

Thanks to the high-quality design of the hydro pump, as well as the use of medical materials, a man can be 100% confident in the safety of the device.

Side effects

Side effects of using the Hydromax pump can only occur if it is used improperly. The manifestation of negative consequences can be expressed in various kinds of mechanical injuries of the penis – scratches, abrasions, bruises, etc.

Where is the best place to buy penis pumps?

For those who do not pursue a low price, but prioritize the high quality of the goods, we recommend ordering a Hydromax water pump only on the official website of the manufacturer. Otherwise, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for the operation of the pump. Delivery of goods is carried out in any region of the world, the most preferable way for the client – sea or air transportation.

Hydromax Penis Pump Cost

The price of a high-quality and effective pump to stimulate penis growth depends on its parameters. The smaller the device, the lower its price. The price range is between 129 – 199 dollars.

If you want to feel your masculine strength and power in bed, then you should pay due attention to the size of your penis. Indeed, for a woman, as in other things for a man, sexual strength and power allow you to feel comfortable and confident. Order a Hydromax water pump with delivery to your area and get unrivaled results in a short time. This is the best hydro pump you can choose.

How does the best penis pump work?

So, I will describe the principle of operation of the HydroXtreme 7 hydraulic pump, which I bought and which I have been using constantly for the last year. I want to say right away that this pump is the best choice for those who want to maximize their penis.

You can use it as a beginner without the supplied pear. Then it will be just a Hydromax pump, but after a few months, when you have already become an experienced user, you can connect a handball to gradually increase the pressure in the penis, thereby improving the growth of cells in the tissues of the penis.

The Bathmate pump and its HydroXtreme series are efficient, safe and easy to use. A special valve provides a vacuum in the pump. The design of the pump is made in such a way that the valve creates negative pressure in a tube with water, which is closed on one side by a valve, and on the other, a silicone corrugation comes into close contact with your pubis and manhood.

Those. you should use it in the closed position of the valve, your pubis should be shaved, and the tucked-out machine should be pulled over the edges of the silicone corrugation so that the contact is as tight as possible. Before using the pump, you must draw warm water into the tube to the brim.

Several movements of the pump towards the pubis provide a vacuum. You can control it – release it at any time by turning the valve and switching the black plug from the “Closed” position to the “Open” position.

In this case, the vacuum is quickly released and water is poured out through the hole. During pumping, excess water is poured out through the valve. Thus, the pump maintains a vacuum for the required amount of time.

It is strong, while your penis is in the water – which avoids the direct effects of vacuum and its consequences. Water is a conductor of negative pressure generated by vacuum. In this case, the pressure itself is distributed along the entire length of the penis and this helps to increase it evenly in length and width.

The tissues of the penis are stretched under the influence of vacuum, micro-cracks are formed in them, which are filled with new cells. This is how the tissue grows. For the systematic growth of cells, it is necessary to work with a vacuum – increase it and add time for pumping.

Thus, constant use of the pump stimulates tissue growth and after a few months, you already see the result. Your penis grows in length and width. Typically, the penis grows up to 2 inches with the Hydromax pump , but if you use the HydroXtreme you can increase your penis up to 3 inches in length.

If you also use Jelqing penis stretching techniques or an extender such as the Quick Extender Pro or Phallosan Forte , you can speed up your results and increase your penis up to 3.5 inches in length.

We are talking about a permanent result, about a stronger erection. Your penis will indeed become larger and it will be noticeable not only in the erect but also in the relaxed state of the penis.

Many men ask if this result will last forever or will you eventually return to your penis length if you don’t use the pump?

I recommend pumping periodically 1-2 times a week after 12 months of using the pump to keep your erection in good shape and stimulate the growth of the penis tissue. This can guarantee support for your current score.

If after using the pump you do not plan to return to stretching and pumping, some men experience a return of results. This is due to the fact that their erection weakens and the penis stops filling completely with blood.

To enhance and support the results, I recommend purchasing natural erection pills such as VigRx Plus and taking them continuously to get the maximum erection.

In fact, a penis pump like Bathmate is the best way to get rid of erectile dysfunction naturally without side effects. And, today, it is the only pump that helps to enlarge the penis without surgery.

Many men use extenders to stretch their penis, but not many know that it is enough to use a penis pump for only 15 minutes a day, and not as an extender – several hours a day and achieve the same results.

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