Best Penis Extender: 5 Devices, that I Tested to Get Resuts

Penis extender: simple yet effective

Initially, the extender was developed as an orthopedic device that was used after various surgical operations on the male penis.His task was to prevent the development of keloid scars at the sutures and to prevent a decrease in the size of the penis.

At the moment, the penis extender is not exclusively a prerogative of surgery, since it has been empirically proven that it can be used to increase the length of the penis.

In addition, it has been proven to be effective against the curvature of the penis of any origin, both as a result of injury and Peyronie’s disease (the appearance of protein plaques in erectile tissues).

The device was adopted by andrologists. Many well-known experts use it in medical practice as an alternative to surgery. At the same time, any man who is dissatisfied with the size or appearance of the penis has access to an extender without a prescription or examination.

There remains only one daunting task: to choose the most effective penis stretcher.

1) How to determine the best penis extender on the market? 8 selection rules (trust, customers, warranty, reviews, medical assessments, accessories, the principle of operation)

8 rules for choosing an effective penis stretching device

In order to determine the choice, flipping through the Internet pages of the most eminent and sold models, you should adhere to the following rules.

Rule 1. Trust

The first acquaintance with the capabilities of the extender begins with the official website. The responsible manufacturer will not hide information about himself and the methods of communication and will find time to provide advice to the user in any convenient way of communication.

Also useful will be information on certification and permits for the implementation of the device.

If all this is present, then this manufacturer can be trusted. And you can move on to the next rule.

Rule 2. Reviews

Typically, the site contains customer reviews. It is optimal if they are illustrated. It will also be useful to visit specialized forums or pages of social networks. If the information is not in doubt, then you can proceed to the next step.

Rule 3. Warranty

Usually. The standard warranty is 14 days. The more obligations the manufacturer undertakes the less doubts about the quality of the device. Therefore, if there is no guarantee, then such an extender does not deserve attention.

Rule 4. Assessments by experts

No extender enters the market without clinical trials. Such studies are supervised by practicing surgeons and andrologists. It is optimal to choose the device recommended by the practitioner.

Rule 5. Famous clients

The appointment of an extender is a rather delicate problem. Nevertheless, there are devices that are not shy about using them. Therefore, if such data is present, this is a significant plus.

Rule 6. Care of the user

In addition to the main device, it will be useful to have various packages in the assortment, as well as accessories that simplify training. The wider the range, the more likely the extender is available and effective.

Rule 7. Main characteristics

The device must be suitable for the user in all respects: the amount of effort, the weight of the device itself, the type of attachment. This data should be freely available.

Rule 8. Principle of operation

An equally important point is the principle of operation and the possibility of using it during working hours or during a night’s rest.

2) Types of extenders – why is it important? (Rod and strap, vacuum)

Basic varieties: why the model is so important

There are only two main types of extenders: rod and vacuum. Which one to choose will have to be decided by the user independently, since only his own feelings and the main goal are a priority in this matter.

The main difference in penis extenders between the varieties is in the type of attachment.

The barbell model is attached directly to the shaft of the penis and does not touch its sensitive part – the head. In this case, there can be two types of fasteners – strap with the help of a wide silicone strap or loop, when a silicone loop or a pair of them plays the role of a fixture.

As an extension, a rod model is preferable, since it stretches the barrel, distributes the force along its length. When correcting curvature, this modification is less maneuverable than a vacuum extender.

The vacuum model is attached to the head. Some users note that this does not compress the barrel. However, this attachment allows for right- and left-handed positioning by means of an elastic strap that attaches to the vacuum chamber and engages the user’s waist, shoulder, or thigh. Therefore, it is better to choose a vacuum model for curvature correction.

3) The principle of the penis stretchers

Slowly but surely: how the penis extender works?

The principle of operation of all penis enlargement extenders, without exception, regardless of the type of attachment, is based on mechanotransduction. This complex medical term means the following:

  • 1) at the moment of the tension of the tissues of the human body, micro-ruptures can form at the cellular level;
  • 2) the body’s reaction to such microtraumas is the activation of cell division at the sites of rupture;
  • 3) a constantly increasing effort leads to the constant formation of microtraumas and their filling with new layers of cells;
  • 4) as a result, the total length of tissues gradually increases.

Of course, this process takes time. The full course lasts from 4 to 9 months and includes not only the main time but also about a month of the adaptive period.

But this does not mean that the device must be worn all the time without removing it. On the contrary, it is necessary to alternate training and rest periods in order to avoid deeper breaks.

Also, a combination of wearing a penis extender and various massage techniques, for example, jelqing, will be useful. They are needed to enhance blood circulation for better results.

4) Real customer reviews  with results(Before/After)

Real-life success stories

Sullivan, 46:

I used the extender for 6 months. At first, I wanted to give up everything. Since, due to lack of experience, I made many mistakes, because I wanted everything at once. But then. Discarding ambition, I began to follow the instructions that described the beginning of training and the subsequent moments. And only 4 months later, when the first inch was the result, I realized that the suffering was not in vain. The total result – 2.1 inches in 6 months using the extender 5 times a week for 8 hours.

Robert, 28:

I used vacuum model for 8 months for Peyronie’s correction. Plaque softening began after the adaptive period (one month later). Then they began to decrease in size. Since the curvature was not pronounced, there was enough time and patience to eliminate it completely. After adaptation, the device was worn for 6 hours daily.

Liam, 22:

Since childhood, I had a complex about the consequences of childhood trauma, when the head was tilted to the side even in a calm state. In 4 months, the curvature was reduced by more than half. The only thing she regrets is that it was impossible to do it before.

5) What results can you expect?

Penis Enlargement Results: Standard Course Data

Despite the fact that the human body is individual in its response to tissue tension, nevertheless, according to the results of clinical studies, the results can be summarized in the following average indicators:

  • 1-4 weeks – in the adaptive period, the results are hardly noticeable and rarely exceed the 2-4 mm mark;
  • 5-6 weeks – from 2 to 7 mm;
  • 7-8 weeks – from 8 to 15 mm;
  • 10-12 weeks – from 16 to 25 mm;
  • 13-14 weeks – from 26 to 35 mm;
  • 15-16 weeks – from 36 to 40 mm;
  • 17-20 weeks – from 40 to 48 mm;
  • 21-24 weeks – from 49 to 55 mm.

The peak of growth occurs at 12-16 weeks and then gradually decreases, as the tissues adapt to stress.

6) Find a real program to use the extender

A real program for using the penis traction device

For those who do not have enough instructions or who want to get acquainted with the course of training in advance – the start program with Jes Extender:

  • 1st week and 2nd week – 60 minutes daily with an effort of 28-42 ounces (or 800-1200 grams),
  • 3rd week – increase tension to 42 ounces (or 1200 g) and duration up to three hours daily,
  • 4th week – without changing the parameters of the effort, increase the training time to 4 hours,
  • 5th week – increase the effort to 42-71 ounces (or 1200-2000 g), training time – up to 5 hours;
  • 6th week – at least 6 hours.

Further, according to your well-being, you can add effort, bringing it to the maximum. Landmark – own feelings.

Important: in case of severe pain, you must immediately release the tension or remove the device.

7) Method of application

How to use the extender: step by step instructions

Step 1. Assembly

Not all devices are supplied assembled. For assembly – carefully read the instructions. Remove the device from the box, connect the ring to the barbell, add (if necessary) the length with the included extensions plus cm for the non-erect penis.

Step 2. Adjustment

Put on the device and secure it in the way that is provided in the design. Adjust the tension using the swivel nuts. At the initial stage, these should be the minimum parameters.

Step 3. Workout

It is optimal to follow a scenario in which there are two periods – adaptive and main. During the adaptive period, it is necessary to gradually increase the load and use 2-3 breaks.

Moving on to the main period, you need to feel confident in the skills of uninterrupted use of the extender and in the reserve of effort. The fewer breaks, the more effective the workout.

The effectiveness of actions directly depends more on the sequence of the user himself. Balance is important here – you shouldn’t force it, but you shouldn’t forget about adjustments either. If you stop feeling the extender on your penis, then it is high time to tighten the swivel nuts responsible for adjusting the tension force.

Step 4. Service

After the workout has been applied, the extender must be treated with a compatible antiseptic and placed in a carrying case or case (depending on model) for storage.

8) Brief comparison of devices: Quick Extender Pro, Penimaster PRO, Phallosan Forte, Male Edge, SizeGenetics (general information, design, packages, uniqueness of technology, why you should trust)

Top 5 best penis extenders review

#1. Quick Extender Pro – one-third of the length for a full course

An American-made device manufactured at certified medical device manufacturing facilities. Officially, it has no ban on sales and does not leave the pedestal of leaders in terms of sales.

Refers to rod models. It has a plastic base, metal rods, swivel mechanism, and mount. The uniqueness of the technology in fastening with 2 hinges. This design evenly distributes the force and prevents excessive crushing. Force generated by the device up to 4000 g.

On the official website, you can choose one of 4 packages, each of which provides instructions with training and recommendations. The main differences are in the number of additional accessories.

The model deserves the attention of those who have just started using the device, as the presence of two hinges provides secure fixation.

#2. Penimaster PRO – vacuum strength and reliability

The German extender with a maximum force of 7000 g is one of the best sellers in Europe. Attached with a vacuum cap directly to the head. Use at night is allowed. Indispensable for Peyronie’s disease, as it can provide the multidirectional load with the help of an elastic belt.

Supplied in a maximally extended case with additional consumables and a set of accessories.

The uniqueness of the device technology lies in the method of fastening. The vacuum chamber does not come into direct contact with the delicate skin of the head.

A special membrane is preliminarily put on the penis, on which an adhesive gel is applied, and only then the head is inserted into the chamber. At the same time, the gel prevents slipping and reliably holds the head inside. The softness of the touch and the quality of grip allows you to increase the training time to a maximum of 12 hours.

#3. Phallosan Forte – European quality

High-tech vacuum extender manufactured in Germany. It is characterized by the build quality, materials, and fastening reliability. Able to create an effort up to 4800 g.

The technological features and texture of the elements allow for extended training sessions.

The kit contains three sizes of the vacuum accessory so that you can quickly change the vacuum cap if necessary. The extender itself must be purchased with the Phallosan plus kit.

#4. Male Edge – the power of flexible plastic

This extender is manufactured by a Danish company and complies with European safety standards. A distinctive feature is that almost all elements are made of durable plastic.

According to the principle of operation, it belongs to strap models, as it is attached directly to the shaft of the penis. Able to achieve penis growth of 1.2 mm per week or more. Has an extended warranty of at least 1000 wearing hours.

As a package for purchase, it comes in 3 variants Basic (basic), Extra (extended with accessories) and Pro (extended).

#5. SizeGenetics – new length generation

This model has secured its popularity with quality and an extended – 120-day warranty. Consists of metal and plastic elements. Refers to strap models, as it is attached to the barrel with a wide loop strap made of medical silicone with locks, without affecting the head.

Maximum effort – 2800 g. Supplied in 4 different packages: from starter to full. The main difference is the number of accessories and the purpose since there is a complete set directly for Peyronie’s disease.

This model is a classic barbell extender. She is trusted, since contact with structural elements is minimized, the accuracy of length adjustment can handle any size from 4 cm.

9) What does medicine say about penis traction technology?

A few medical facts about penis traction technology

The controversy over the effectiveness of extenders in the medical community continues to this day. This is evidenced by the emergence of new research in this area. For example, the application of this technology as a primary method against Peyronie’s disease is considered in the following projects:

Penile traction therapy and Peyronie’s disease: a state of art review of the current literature , 2013;

Outcomes of a Novel Penile Traction Device in Men with Peyronie’s Disease: A Randomized, Single-Blind, Controlled Trial , 2019;

A modern review of penile traction monotherapy and combination therapy for the treatment of peyronie’s disease , 2020.

Summarizing the results of the data, it turns out that the extender is the optimal alternative to surgery. And, of course, surgeons will desperately seek an excuse to refute these facts.

This is most likely due to the loss of the opportunity to earn. Since the purchase of an extender is sometimes a hundred times cheaper than phalloplasty and is also more accessible to the general public.

The user should have no doubts, since, for example, the world-famous professor of medicine Lawrence A. Levin, the author of more than 40 studies, uses extenders in his practice. He assigns them within a three-factor research model. In more than 80% of cases, it is possible to do without surgery.

That is, having gone to the doctor’s appointment, you can still see the extender in the prescription. So why pay for a test when help is so affordable.

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