AndroVacuum Platinum Review. The First FDA Approved Penis Pump

Features of the Androvacuum Vacuum Pump

Along with the popularity of water pumps to stimulate the growth of the reproductive organ of men, it can be noted that the new vacuum units also ranked top among the rating of devices.And if the use of manual vacuum pumps can cause a number of negative side reactions for users, the new Androvacuum automatic device is completely safe. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that to perform the pumping procedure it is enough just to press a button.

The versatility of the Androvacuum pump lies in the fact that in addition to stimulating the growth of the penis, one of its characteristic functions is to improve the quality of sex by eliminating the negative symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Due to the reduced pressure, inside the working chamber of the pump, an instant erection occurs, caused by artificial means.

Another advantage of using an automatic vacuum device is that with its help you can get rid of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, which manifest themselves in the form of weakened sexual function and curvature of the penis.

Materials, quality and warranty

The main certificate of the safe and effective operation of the Androvacuum vacuum pump is the corresponding certificate, which was obtained by the device manufacturer in the course of laboratory research. The manufacturer guarantees that all customers receive a positive effect, otherwise each user can expect a refund of the money spent.

To assemble the Androvacuum vacuum pump, the manufacturer used only high-quality medical materials – plastic and rubber. Therefore, the appearance of various kinds of allergic reactions is completely excluded. A special lubricating gel and detailed instructions are included in the Androvacuum vacuum automatic pump kit.

How to use the pump and when to expect the result?

In order to use the Androvacuum vacuum pump, it is not necessary to carry out the preparation, which is a prerequisite for the operation of hydraulic pumps. Assemble the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and then apply the lubricating gel to the entire surface of the penis. Insert the penis into the cylinder, firmly pressing the rubber ring at the base to the pubic bone.

After that, you just need to press the button, within 10 seconds the motor will create a vacuum space inside the working bulb, stop the device for 15 – 20 seconds. Such a cycle must be performed until an artificial erection is caused.

After achieving an erection, let the pump run for 30 seconds, and then stop it by pressing the red button. Then it remains to wait until the penis becomes soft again and repeat the procedure again. To achieve maximum results, repeat pumping several times.

Many men are concerned about the main question that concerns the result, namely, when will the result from using the Androvacuum automatic vacuum pump be noticeable.

As the results of many clinical studies have shown, the first positive changes in the sexual health of men can be noticed after 14 days. However, in order for the desired result to remain as long as possible, a full course of pumping should be completed, the duration of which reaches 6 months.

Frequently asked Questions

Now we will try to give clear answers to the questions that arise for all users of the Androvacuum vacuum device.

Reliability and safety of use of the Androvacuum vacuum pump

A high degree of reliability and safety of using the Androvacuum vacuum device is achieved due to the technically perfect assembly of the structure, as well as the excellent operation of all automatic mechanisms.

Can adverse reactions occur when using the pump?

The question of the occurrence of negative adverse reactions may not be relevant only if the user clearly follows all the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, patients may experience various mechanical damage to the penis – scratches, abrasions, sprains, bruises, and sometimes bruising.

Why is it worth buying a device only from an official manufacturer?

Only the official Androvacuum pump manufacturer can guarantee patients the declared results. When buying a product on the official website of the developer, the user can be sure that he pays money for the original product, and not for an ineffective, and sometimes dangerous, fake.

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