About author – Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis is a professional surgeon and urologist who has worked in Massachusetts for almost 20 years in the highest positions:

Director of the Center for Plastic Surgery
urologist and consultant
a pharmacist who worked with patients who wanted to increase their potency
penis enlargement specialist

During his practice, Dr. Christopher Lewis managed to earn the trust and respect of colleagues, many reviews have been written about him. The main credo for the doctor is to help the patient overcome his problems with potency, a small penis using effective methods of penis enlargement without surgical intervention. And even if it is prescribed, the whole rehabilitation takes place with the help of various extenders for stretching the penis, as well as pumps for the penis.

They effectively help recover after any surgery. Working with patients and testing different penis pumps, Dr. Christopher Lewis came to the conclusion that there is no need to take any drugs that have little effect on the male potency. It is much more effective to use various extracts of natural herbs and plants, which help to achieve a good erection on an ongoing basis.

The most effective way to restore an erection is to use penis pumps such as Androvacuum Platinum, Penomet, Hydromax, HydroXtreme, and Hydro7. If you take pills and use pumping 15 minutes a day, you can achieve a good erection in a month, and after 3 months – it significantly strengthens it.

Christopher Lewis has worked in many clinics as a urologist and has received hundreds of patients, many of whom are still consulted by a doctor. The doctor became the author of our site and, at the same time, continues to be a practicing physician.

A very long time ago, Christopher Lewis began to maintain his medical blogs, he is the author of most articles on this site, as well as many others that aim to objectively evaluate the latest pumps for the penis.

On the pages of our site – only verified information, independent reviews, clinical trials, and expert comments.