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Quick Extender Pro Review, GUIDE and Customer Impressions

By Christopher Lewis, CRNP

February 20, 2023

Quick Extender Pro Review 2023

There are many penis extenders on the market, and Quick Extender Pro belongs at the top of such stretchers.

You can gain great benefits by using this penis enlargement device, but you must first learn about its pros and cons and research the characteristics of the extender that you believe will provide the best results.

First, Quick Extender Pro is a clinically tested penis enlargement extender that has been on the market for nearly two decades. This is a reliable device that many men have positively reviewed.

One downside is that it is relatively expensive, even the basic edition; however, it is worth the investment. Many men have pointed out that this device has given them the results and benefits they expected from it.

This is the best penis extender is made of quality materials, and you will have no problems using it.

It can improve your sexual life in all aspects, and your penis size should increase a few inches with regular use. The device feels comfortable because it is made of lightweight materials.

How Does the Quick Extender Pro Work?

This penis stretcher works like most penis devices out there.

Quick Note
It builds the muscles in your penis by breaking old muscles and forming new ones that expand your penis.

Initial results should be visible within the first few weeks after you start using the device.

 The benefits you can expect from Quick Extender Pro include stronger erections, more intense orgasms, increased girth and length of the penis, and fixed penile curvature .

Instructions, Results, and Review

Quick Extender Pro claims you can easily extend your penis if you use the device regularly. It is made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials, so it is a safe product that comes without any side effects.

Did You Know?
It has been the best penis extender for men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease and want to correct the curvature of their penis.

This device works like a penis brace and helps in straightening and extending the length of your penis.

Quick Extender Pro encourages the growth of muscle cells in the genital area. By applying tension to your penis tissues, your penis starts to stretch and improve its curvature and length.

Quick Note
This penis extender comes with a double-strapped, painless support system.

Quick Extender Pro comes with the device, a pump, and a male enhancement supplement.

Manufacturers recommend using all system parts for the best results, but you can also choose to order only the device. The device works in the same way as SizeGenetics by using traction force to extend the penis.

Compare Best Penis Stretcher

There aren’t many differences in how SizeGenetics and Quick Extender Pro are used, so it is a matter of personal preference when deciding which product to use.

SizeGeneticsQuick Extender Pro
SizeGenetics is a bit more expensive than Quick Extender Pro, but it is a quality penis stretcher that will deliver positive results according to medical reviews.
Quick Extender Pro is the best penis traction device to remedy penis curvature and increase penis length and girth. It would help if you remembered that both products require using it for at least a few months before seeing visible results.

You should consult a medical professional before you use the product. Consider your personal needs and what you hope to achieve.

Then you will get a clearer picture of which product would be best for you. The bottom line is that both SizeGenetics and Quick Extender Pro are quality devices that will certainly provide you with good results over time.

Find out what doctors say about this device – LiveScience.

Clinical Facts About Penis Extenders

The small size of the penis is a common and relevant problem among modern men. Another nuisance overtaking every fourth man in the world is the curvature of the penis. The small size of the genital organ and its curvature are the main reasons that prevent men from feeling self-confident and having a full sex life.

However, medicine does not stand still, regularly finding new methods to combat this problem. One of the most effective and safe developments, patented over 20 years ago, is a medical device for penis enlargement known as a penis extender.

In other words, this is an expansion device that, under the force of traction, not only lengthens the penis but also relieves the organ of curvature, which is the main symptom of Peyronie’s disease. As a result, men once and for all forget about the existing problem and become real masters of sex.

In 2023, the largest study was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Moncada. The results of the study were published in one popular British magazine. The experiment involved two groups of men of 41 people. The first group of participants regularly used an expansion device for 12 weeks. The second group led a familiar lifestyle.

After 12 weeks, it became clear that all participants in the first group experienced a significant decrease in the curvature of the penis, with an average of 41%. In addition, the doctor noted that the size of the genitals of all participants increased not only in length but also in diameter. The average elongation was 2.5 cm.

Another positive aspect observed during Dr. Moncada’s experiment is the improvement in sexual activity. In almost all men who regularly used the extender, the negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction were minimized. The second group of participants during the experiment did not notice any positive results.

Features of Quick Extender Pro Technology

The innovative Quick Extender Pro has become the top seller in 2019. This is due to several criteria, the main of which is the DSS dual-mount technology. Quick Extender Pro is not just a dilator that helps stretch the upper flesh of the penis and expand its cave tissues. Quick Extender Pro – stimulates the growth of new cells, due to its uniform effect on the problem.

How does it work?

The principle of operation of the modern and high-tech extender Quick Extender Pro is quite simple. Under the traction force created by metal rods and small springs, the cave tissues of the penis expand, which gradually stretch. The blood vessels of the penis become strong and elastic because blood circulation is activated in them.

About the aspect of the straightening of the penis, under the influence of the pulling force, there is a slow but safe and effective process of splitting plaques, which provoke unevenness.

We offer you to consider a number of results that each patient can regularly experience using the innovative Quick Extender Pro extender:

  • Straightening the curvature of the penis, which can be either congenital or acquired;
  • The increase in penile parameters along the length and width;
  • Improvements in the quality of sexual function – a more powerful and lasting erection, stamina, increased libido, intense and intense orgasms;
  • From a psychological point of view, men become confident in themselves, their physical and sexual powers.

DSS(double strap support system) Technology Review

Thanks to the innovative DSS technology that was used in the Quick Extender Pro model, each patient will be able to see a positive result of his action after a short period. The DSS system is equipped with two silicone rings at once, for more reliable fixation of the penis and head.

This provides maximum tension control. In combination with convenient and comfortable pads, even wearing the Extender Quick Extender Pro for many hours does not cause discomfort, not to mention the absence of swelling and pain.

Packages Review

The manufacturer of the worldwide popular extender brand has created several effective installations at once, each of which has found its fans. Consider the basic packages that all men in need can order for themselves:

  1. Deluxe Limited Edition is a full-featured system with a full range of devices. In addition to the extender itself, the Deluxe Limited Edition kit includes several spare removable parts, three packs of natural food additives, a vacuum pump, instructions, and a durable case for storing the expander. This package is the most expensive offer, which you can save on buying only by placing an order on the manufacturer’s official website.
  2. Deluxe Standard Edition is a simplified standard installation option, which includes an expander, spare parts, packaging of a natural food supplement, and detailed instructions. Thanks to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can learn about the correct wearing of the unit and fully learn about an effective treatment program.
  3. Value Edition is ideal for those customers who have a limited budget. The Value Edition kit includes a set of the most necessary parts, an expander, and detailed manufacturer instructions.
  4. Quick Extender Pro is a unique device that effectively performs two functions simultaneously. Namely, it increases the size of the genital organ and also eliminates the curvature of the penis.

Thus, each patient has the opportunity to choose an individual device, the result of the use of which will be able to satisfy his requirements to the maximum.

Penis traction penis enlargement technology

Note that the development of various extenders, including the Quick Extender Pro device, was due to the Penis traction technology developed on the eve.

Before the first expansion devices were released to the international market, specialists proposed to perform Penis traction techniques with their hands to their patients. So what is Penis traction technology? Penis traction refers to stimulating the growth of the male penis in a natural way using the extension and extension of the flesh and cave tissues of the penis.

Penis traction technology, along with the certified Quick Extender Pro device, is a highly effective method for stimulating penis growth and smoothing its curvature and one of the safest options for solving a common intimate problem among men – erectile dysfunction.

Reviews of doctors about Penis traction technology are mostly positive. They argue that there is no safer and more effective method of stimulating the growth of the penis and correcting its congenital or acquired curvature. In addition, almost all medical experts claim that the penis traction technology is most effectively implemented in the Quick Extender Pro device.

Quick Extender Pro Spare Parts Overview

The Quick Extender Pro package is a unique device that effectively fights the curvature of the penis and also increases its size. The extender consists of strong metal rods, which provide the maximum traction when properly adjusted.

It is necessary to adjust the length of metal rods using a pair of special extension cords. At the same time, you should listen to your feelings, and replace the extension cords as you obtain results. Additional tension is achieved by installing small metal springs.

Two plastic bases of the extension cord serve as supporting elements during the wearing of the extender. But two silicone rings, made by special technology, provide the maximum level of fixation of the penis, which minimizes the likelihood of penis slipping during operation of the device.

The Quick Extender Pro kit contains detailed video instructions in which all the rules and standards of wearing are demonstrated in detail. Thanks to the review, the patient will easily understand the effect of the device, as well as learn about the duration of the course and other important details of the use and care of the extender.

How to use the device?

Before proceeding with the Quick Extender Pro expansion installation assembly, the user should study a detailed video review. Next, assemble the extender according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The device should be worn on the penis, which is sluggish. The penis is inserted into the main plastic ring so that its head is on the surface of the plastic stand. Reliable fixation of the penis occurs at the base of the head of the penis by means of two silicone rings. In the process of wearing the extender, the patient should not experience painful and uncomfortable sensations. Light tension is the main effect that the user feels.

The daily duration of wearing the expansion unit is from 5 to 8 hours. At the same time, the manufacturer does not recommend putting on the device at night. During this period, the level of human sensitivity is significantly reduced, which can lead to stretching and damage to the penis. It is best to wear an extender in the daytime.

The device is installed on a soft member. Because the device is compact, its presence is not noticeable under the clothes. Therefore, a man can simultaneously engage in his usual affairs – work, travel, train in the gym, etc.

The course of treatment for Peyronie’s disease using the Quick Extender Pro installation is from 4 to 6 months. However, temporal indicators may vary depending on the individual physical characteristics of the body, as well as the correct wearing.

How does an extender handle penis curvature?

The main purpose of the Quick Extender Pro model is to correct congenital penis curvature or acquired as a result of injuries. Due to the constant tension and tension of the penis, the cave tissues of the penis and the upper flesh are stretched. However, the main purpose of the tension is to help stretch the plaques, which are the main cause of curvature.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users and Customers

At the time of purchase of an effective and safe Quick Extender Pro extender, most men have several questions, right now, we will try to answer the most relevant ones.

Is wearing the Quick Extender Pro really effective and safe?

The effectiveness and safety of wearing the expansion unit are confirmed by many clinical and laboratory studies, which manufacturers and independent expert organizations carried out. An important factor in the effectiveness and safety of the expander is the numerous reviews of patients who are left positively.

Quick Extender Pro – certification

The high quality of the Extender Quick Extender Pro is confirmed by several certificates, the content of which can be found on the official website of the manufacturer, as well as on thematic sites.

Doctors Recommendations

According to most experts in the field of medicine, the technology of penile stretching is ideally implemented in the Quick Extender Pro device. Most andrologists prescribe penile stretching therapy to their patients using an extender, which will effectively save men from the negative manifestations of Peyronie’s disease.

Treatment duration

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the duration of treatment for Peyronie’s disease with the Quick Extender Pro is 6 months. However, it should be understood that obtaining positive results depends on many concomitant factors – physiological characteristics of the body, proper wearing, adherence to all recommendations.

Can adverse reactions occur?

The occurrence of adverse reactions of the body during the wearing of the extender is virtually eliminated due to the safe and technologically sound installation design. However, with improper wearing and fixing the extender, men can experience pain and discomfort.

In this case, it is recommended to remove the device immediately, and once again see detailed instructions for assembling and installing the extender. Note that improper wearing of the expander can provoke the appearance of sprains, mechanical damage to the upper flesh, and sometimes the appearance of hematomas and bruises.

Comfort of use

During operation, Quick Extender Pro provides the maximum level of comfort due to the compactness of the device. The system of fixation of a double strap provides maximum retention of the penis and completely eliminates its slipping.


The manufacturer promises that in the absence of the declared effect, he will return to the buyer the full amount spent on the purchase of the expander.

Where to buy the original Quick Extender Pro extender?

In order to be 100% sure of the expansion installation’s safety, efficiency, and originality, users need to buy the Quick Extender Pro extender only on the manufacturer’s official website. The developer provides customers with all the documents confirming the device’s effectiveness, security, and high quality. An additional bonus to the purchase of the expander from the manufacturer’s official website is discounts that allow you to save a budget perfectly.

Delivery time

The duration of delivery of the expansion unit depends on the carrier company selected by the client. Typically, delivery times can range from 14 to 30 days.

What do patients say about using the Quick Extender Pro?

Based on a survey of most of the users with the Quick Extender Pro expander, specialists discovered that almost every man gets rid of the curvature of the penis by 99% forever.

Many patients note that along with the straightening of the penis, the size of the genital organ increases in length and diameter by almost 30%. In addition, most of the respondents say that the quality of their sex life has improved several times. This manifests itself in a more powerful erection, prolonged sexual intercourse, intense orgasms, etc.

Distinctive features of the Quick Extender Pro

It is no secret to anyone that in the modern market, there are many models of extenders that differ in many ways – design, efficiency, and safety of action. Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO are popular vacuum expanders that, under the influence of a sealed vacuum medium, additionally stimulate blood flow to the penis, thereby accelerating the process of obtaining a positive result.

However, this applies only to those cases when the main goal is to increase the parameters of the penis. To align the curvature of the penis, many medical professionals recommend using the specially designed Quick Extender Pro model. The design of vacuum extenders differs from the rod models by the presence of a special silicone tip.

Quick Extender Pro is a new patented extender that has helped a huge number of men around the world cope with the most common intimate problems in a relatively short period of its existence. Due to the safe and effective impact on the problem, the first noticeable results can be seen already a month after the start of the operation.

Independent expert associations regularly monitor the effectiveness and safety of the expander. When ordering an extender on the manufacturer’s official website, the client receives an original device at an affordable price.

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